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Why Now May be the Perfect Time to Study

We are most definitely in interesting times.

With communities around the world facing the threat of Covid-19, life itself has profoundly changed. We are often advised to social distance and self-isolate to curb the threat of this virus.

Self-isolation is when you have been instructed to separate yourself from others, with the purpose of preventing the spread of the virus, including those within your home. If you are ill, you should be separated from others in your household to the greatest extent possible.

Many of us have been reduced to working from home, others, unfortunately, don’t have the opportunity to work at the moment.

For those writing the NCA exams in upcoming months, we can find a silver lining in this chaos; there is a great opportunity to focus energies on strategy, planning and execution for exam day. While it may be unclear when these next dates are, it is imperative we make use of this time.

Think about how your study schedule will look, with some advice and guidance here. Don't forget, if you are new to the NCA exam process itself, check out the first NCA prep book to walk you through every element of the experience, best practices and practical resources, here.

Remember, there are plenty of resources online to supplement your learning. Here on BattLaw Resources we provide free notes, tips and much more. In the upcoming days, we will be providing you with more access to free content to prepare for when you do write those exams.

Stay safe.


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