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  • Are your packages updated?
    Yes. Packages are updated to include updated cases in 2020. Syllabi may change, but this does not affect usefullness of our packages.
  • Can I use your packages to study?
    Yes and No. Yes, you can definitely use these packages to supplement your studying. Case lists, key issue checklists and answer framework are tools that can help you understand the subject matter. No, however, because you should not rely on these packages alone to learn and understand the law; we provide links to free notes in our Blog to assist you with understanding the areas of law.
  • These aren't notes, so what is the use in your packages?"
    At BattLaw Resources we believe understanding the law is not sufficient for you to pass the NCA exams. You must also go in prepared and with a strategy. Read our Blog to learn more about why we believe predicting and preparing for exam day is crucial. When you come to that realization, you grasp the signficiance of having the right resources and materials by your side on exam day. We take the time and energy needed to create these resources out of the equation, leaving you with more time to mentally prepare for your next exam!
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