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Free Notes and Resources for NCA Exams

When I first began preparing for my NCA exams, it took me a while to realize a significant, but often overlooked aspect of this experience: we are being tested the same things as other Canadian law students.

That is a powerful realization. The NCA process so often feels like a lonely one; we must self-study and seek out the appropriate resources we need to succeed. It's easy to feel alone when you aren't easily able to connect with a network of people, especially ones who have done this before.

And yet, this is quite the fallacy. As I mentioned, law students in Canada are also being tested on the substance of the law that is most relevant to our nation. There are sophisticated networks of Canadian law students, who have already developed resources among themselves to help one another succeed. While we may not consider ourselves Canadian law students, since we are enrolling in the NCA process. There are many similarities that, when realized, become empowering to our experience.


I often see students scrambling to get their hands on notes. I see a handful of people capitalizing on this by charging fees to have access to those same notes. It is problematic to me because there are literally hundreds of high-quality notes from Canadian students that are accessible to NCA students as well. Here are a few places to consider:

Osgoode First Year Students' Notes:

University of Victoria Law Students' Society:

(updated U Vic notes can be downloaded from dropbox via:

Law Is Cool:

**Note: some of these links may no longer be accessible.

Practice Exams

There are few NCA resources to help you practice applying the knowledge you learn. But again, Canadian law students face similar challenges as they work towards their JD, and so their solutions are just as beneficial to us.

Some law schools have banks of past exam questions available for public consumption. Being exposed to a diverse set of problem questions is essential to exam day success. Check out the resource below.

UBC Peter A Allard School of Law Exams:

Tools, tips and tricks

Remember, these exams are testing fundamental skills as a lawyer. Do not limit yourself to the resources and recommended material in the syllabi. Below are helpful articles or pages that can inform you on your approach to writing exams.

NCA Tips: I have written some helpful tips here for you to review.

IRAC Method:

Don't forget you're preparing for exam day. That means that notes may not suffice (read more about that here). Ensure you have the most relevant resources needed for exam day.

All the best with your studies!


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